Whole Foods, Medications, Supplements & Herbals

Some people would refer to this approach as “the best of both worlds!” And it certainly is an integration of both evidence-based treatment protocol, as well as incorporating natural support as much as possible.

When you have received your diagnosis of Endometriosis from your Doctor and/or Specialists, whether you may be scheduled for surgical interventions or are in recovery from such interventions, we can support you with a personalized nutritional meal plan, and – if relevant – vitamin and herbal supplements or liquid herbal formulas to support the relief of any side effects or other symptoms.

It is necessary to comply with the instructions of your Doctors and Specialists, so if they say “No supplements two weeks prior to your procedure!” we will have to put all that on hold.

Generally this treatment approach is a combination of all previously outlined Treatments 1, 2, and 3 and will be tailored for your specific individual situation.

Whether you do want to incorporate other holistic support such as exercises, art therapy or affirmations is also something we can discuss in consult.

Some really beautiful affirmations you may wish to incorporate into your daily positive mindset may be:

My body is beautiful, I am on my path to harmonious holistic healing of my body.

Gratitude fills my every cell. I am so thankful to be alive and on my journey of holistic healing.

Endometriosis, as a diagnosis, is the END of my previous life phases of Negativity! From now on, I am holistic, positive and full of happy, healthy energy.


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NB: The word “Treatment” is for editorial purposes as part of a conceptual theme in this series of natural health blog posts. Naturopathy as a modality does not “treat” Endometriosis.