Whole Foods & Medications Only

This is coming back to a treatment approach very similar to Treatment Approach 1. Where we have a nutritional and whole foods eating plan developed for your individual situation.

In a consultation, we will be using software to then discuss and analyse your daily intake of:

  • Nutritional Macronutrients
  • Nutritional Micronutrients
  • Essential Fatty Acids, particularly those involved with your inflammatory pathways causing pain during your menstruation.

When specific medications have already been prescribed, however, you can’t exactly go off your medications “just because you feel like it” – that is not MY Naturopathic approach advice at all!

Hormonal medications – including some common Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP) which are often prescribed with Endometriosis could come with their own list of side effects and uncomfortable symptoms.

Without supplement or liquid herbal intervention however, we would look into dietary support for gentle relief or optimal prevention of such symptoms from occurring.

One example is high blood pressure as a side effect of the OCP.

Then we would look at foods which naturally support cardiovascular health and try to include them into your personalized meal plan as much as possible. Once again, every woman’s situation is individual and we would factor in other lifestyle concerns such as budgets, work and family life obligations – what is practical, affordable, easy to organise and meal prep as well.


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NB: The word “Treatment” is for editorial purposes as part of a conceptual theme in this series of natural health blog posts. Naturopathy as a modality does not “treat” Endometriosis.