Whole Foods, Supplements & Liquid Herbals

Again with a natural heath focus, we have to firstly discuss your eating habits and nutritional intake.

In a consultation, we will be using software to then discuss and analyse your daily intake of:

  • Nutritional Macronutrients
  • Nutritional Micronutrients
  • Essential Fatty Acids, particularly those involved with your inflammatory pathways causing pain during your menstruation.

Other organ systems involved with Endometriosis may be not only the liver (as discussed in Treatment 1), but also possibly thyroid and particularly the nervous system – stress as an aggravating factor to worsening symptoms.

If you haven’t yet seen your Doctor or Specialists for diagnostic tests, please do so firstly so that we can know the parameters of treatment with the supplements and liquid herbals. There are situations where it is dangerous to prescribe certain herbs if you have particular benign growths that have been detected via ultrasound or other investigations (where it is not necessary for surgical intervention by Western medical diagnosis, however still could be contraindicated for particular herbs).

Prescription of Liquid Herbals

Unlike most pharmaceutical medications, a herbal extract could have pharmacological effects that cover many organ systems of the body at the same time. It is part of each individual woman’s situation, despite the diagnosis “Endometriosis” that the final herbal formulation is tailored to specific concerns that are also affecting other organ systems, not only the female reproductive system.

This is why we need a full hour consultation, at least, to get as much information as we can from a Naturopathic perspective in order to come up with the final liquid herbal formulation for your individual situation.

Sometimes, I do not even bring in herbals – despite the client’s desire with initial consultation – after the first consultation, because we still need to clean up the diet firstly.

This is when your care and natural treatment approach is broken down into further phases:

  • Phase 1 – Clean up the diet / detox
  • Phase 2 – Establishing regularity in whole foods nutrition
  • Phase 3 – Liquid herbals
  • Phase 4 Review and reassess

This could take us much longer than a Western medical approach, it could take at least 2 to 3 cycles – which could even be up to 6 or 9 months for many women with Endometriosis as there is a tendency for lengthier cycles.

Again this is a difference between a natural health approach compared to mainstream medicine, and it is only suggested if your Doctor or Specialist has evaluated your situation too and agrees that you have the time for this, rather than any urgency for surgical interventions or other prescribed medications.



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NB: The word “Treatment” is for editorial purposes as part of a conceptual theme in this series of natural health blog posts. Naturopathy as a modality does not “treat” Endometriosis.