Welcome to the first in a series of women’s health article blog posts all about common women’s hormonal concerns such as Endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, peri-menopause, etc. Rather than highlighting all the “textbook definitions” of such conditions (which you can read on many other blogs!), I thought it would be more interesting to dive deeper into these topics from a natural health angle and discuss the holistic treatment approaches that could be considered for these situations.

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For each of the conditions in this series, I’m going to break it down into 4 general ways of a natural health approach:

1)      Treatment Approach 1: 100% Whole Foods & Teas Only – Using only whole food nutrition and possibly herbal teas. Minimal supplement or medication intervention, in fact a personal preference by the client to avoid all supplements and medications as much as possible.

2)      Treatment Approach 2: Whole Foods, Supplements & Liquid Herbals – For those who still wish to avoid medications as much as possible, however am open to implementing vitamin and herbal supplements or liquid herbal formulas into their care plan.

3)      Treatment Approach 3: Whole Foods & Medications Only – Where you have already been prescribed medications by Doctors and/or Specialists, there is too much safety risk to incorporate supplementation or herbals, so it is only whole foods nutritional support for general health and relieving symptoms of medication side effects as much as possible.

4)      Treatment Approach 4: Whole Foods, Medications, Supplements & Herbals – This is when there is more flexibility with the type of medications already prescribed by your Doctors and/or Specialists, and we can work with a combination of nutritional food support as well as integrating vitamin and herbal products or liquid formulas to relieve any symptoms of medication side effects.

Please keep in mind, as a Naturopath in Australia, I am not qualified to diagnose any conditions, so it is still required that you receive a medical diagnosis from a Doctor or Specialist. Once you have received a medical diagnosis, we can support you with natural approaches from there.

Other Lifestyle Advice that could also be included in the holistic care and management of these conditions might vary between massage, exercise, and energetic emotional healing such as Flower Essences.

Affirmations and Art Therapy exercises are another great way to incorporate a holistic mind-body-soul care plan for your individual situation.


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NB: The word “Treatment” is for editorial purposes as part of a conceptual theme in this series of natural health blog posts. Naturopathy as a modality does not “treat” Endometriosis.