If you’re a soon-to-be New Mama, or a well-intentioned friend trying to find a good baby wipes products to gift for a baby shower, you’re not alone in feeling a little overwhelmed and confused at the many different brands and products out there for simply wiping a baby’s bottom! (& hands, feet, sometimes whole face and body!)

Sure there’s really cheap discount, bulk brands — and it seems the most economical way to address the issues of constant need for cleanliness and hygiene. Yet not only with the environmental impacts in mind, there’s much cause for concern with it comes to synthetic chemicals, preservatives being added to these products are which are supposed to be “baby safe” — !

Many conscious mothers these days (due to eco-factors as well) do try to even go back to a good old cloth and baby safe cleanser while at home, just to save on having to bulk buy wipes, as well as not causing such potentially detrimental impacts on the environment.

For low-tox lifestyle focus, mothers who wish to avoid chemicals and perservatives and other nasties in the wipes and baby products that they’re using, many different brands of “natural alternatives” are out there indeed.

For the eco-conscious, yes there are bio-degradable wipes. For the budget-conscious, yes there are still cheaper, more affordable options comparatively in the whole spectrum of products available as well. The value perception really is a very individual situation.

From a Naturopathic perspective, some key ingredients that I would say to look out for with actual beneficial effects for baby would be the following:

Aloe Vera

One of the most soothing, gentle plant extracts for topical relief of skin concerns. From sunburn to rashes, blisters and wound healing.


Another gentle plant that has calming properties and adds to a lovely smell. Lavender actually has a cooling effect, and so is very calming for any rashes with heat.


Used traditionally for skin rashes, acne, and dry skin. You’ll find this ingredient in many herbal skin formulas for wound healing and reducing inflammation.

Whether the wipes you’ve sourced has one, two or all of these ingredients included, you can keep in mind the benefits of these plant extracts next time you make your decisions.

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