Lavender is one of my personal favourite herbs, not only for its calming actions, but in terms of edible flavours as well as its beautiful, purple colour!

Have you tried lavender biscuits? Lavender cakes, lavender teas… I first visited a Lavender shop on Mt Tambourine many years ago (not sure if it’s the same one these days or there’s a few of them?) — and that had first opened my eyes to how many different types of Lavender products you could have!

Skin care too, as well as eye pillows, essential oils — so many accessories to help calm your life!

Generally it is a very safe herb for children, infants, even pets (cats & dogs!). Sometimes it is such a wide-abundantly herbal product ingredient that it also tends to get overlooked and forgotten about. An under-celebrated soother of sleepless nights and sudden onset of anxiety attacks.

If you’re in the Brisbane area and wondering if Lavender in any way, shape or form is suitable for you, your child or partner in your situation, please feel free to Contact me about a Naturopathic consultation to further discuss.