As part of the full hour Naturopathic consultation, you’ll also get to have an additional 15 minutes free of your choice between either a Chinese Hand Massage or a Flower Essences Reading.

mani-1517047Chinese Hand Massage

This is a gentle relaxing massage for your hands, fingers, and forearm. Based upon principles of Reflexology, however is not a structured Reflexology treatment.

Nicole has learned a very specific technique by a self-taught Reflexology Master in Taiwan since her late teens, however is not using the full technique as part of these services. Thus it is a complementary experience and is intended for relaxation only.

As it is a gentle massage, it should not be painful, and is suitable for children as well as pregnant women. Once you have experienced the massage it is easy to do at home every day, simply even while watching TV or any time.

Insight-Cards_ID104_THFlower Essences Reading

This service uses Ian White’s Australian Bush Flower Essences cards to conduct an emotional wellbeing reading. Similar to the use of Oracle cards for positive messages, affirmations or an awareness of one’s emotional concerns at the time.

This is not a Tarot reading, and is not a counselling service either.

A personalised Flower Essences formula could be ordered (with extra fees) by the end of the reading if it resonates.

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Consultations are conducted from within Brisbane Wellbeing Clinic, located in Brisbane CBD at 1/235 Edward Street. Current availability Mondays, 11 am – 7 pm.