Professional models are a unique breed of human beings, who have to have their bodies in a very specific type of look and weight to continue being hired for jobs and advance in their careers.

Depending on the type of work and contracts, many models also have frequent travelling, which adds to the inconvenience of trying to eat healthy but also staying in the acceptable weight range.

Oftentimes eating disorders are highly prevalent as a ‘darker’ side to the modelling industry, yet there should be a healthier approach to maintaining required weight categories and alleviating associated health concerns as well.

When models try to limit their own eating or do their own research for eating plans, it may not be as thorough or well-rounded of an assessment as one provided by a qualified professional.

At Zen Childe I provide body composition monitoring, macro- and micronutrient diet analysis and reports, as well as personalised meal plans specific to your needs.

Visit me in Brisbane city to discuss your professional requirements and together we can find suitable solutions to meet your needs.