3B2F9056Dream-Big-Photocraft-WEBAt Zen Childe Family Wellness, my focus is solely on you and your individual situation as a Woman on a mission towards your own optimal health and wellness. Depending on what is required, sometimes it may take a little bit of extra homework on my part, and yes it can take up to 3 business days for me to email you your personalized meal plan after the consultation.

Without the meal plan add on, the general report gives brief tips and reminders as well as nutritional, herbal and lifestyle recommendations as relevant.

The personalized meal plan, however, really gives you a daily visual guide, as well as relevant numbers for what you ought to be including, or flexible options, tips and recipes as well.

For the most part, I would like to think my practice is “not that different” to other Naturopaths out there, as we should be supporting each other in this profession! However yes it is possible, various practitioners have various devices and tools, and in my clinic in the city the main extras include additional pathology testing, iridology and diet analysis.

If you are curious in more esoteric / metaphysical topics related to health, I’m open to those discussions too.

If you do want some support with flower essences, I can provide that too.

If you would like to incorporate Art Therapy into your consultations, or have some visual exercises as homework as part of your holistic lifestyle goals, we can discuss those as well.

If you love Yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga, or haven’t tried it yet but would like some personalized guidance about it, we could easily incorporate that into your consultation and come up with personalized exercise sets just for you.

At this stage all these other minor extras are at no charge to the consultation fee, other than pathology tests, iridology, and the personalized meal plan.

With children, I find that it is important for both parent and child to find a practitioner that suits both the parents and the child’s personalities — that there can be a rapport built so that enough information and suitable activities are discovered through engaging the child as part of the consultation. This is why I do still request for face to face initial consultations, as difficult as it may be sometimes to arrange with a child on the Autism spectrum or with other behavioural issues. After the initial consultation, it may be more convenient to have follow-up “check-in”s with ongoing progress about the child’s needs and incorporating new habits, trying to still work out new goals towards their overall health and nutritional needs.

For couples working on fertility, it is best to have both attend an initial consultation so that both partners’ health is evaluated. Think of me as your “Holistic Health Manager”, when it comes to assessing requirements for detoxing, meal planning, and whether or not other herbals or lifestyle advice is relevant, particularly if you are also undergoing or planning to undergo IVF treatment. (Along with the guidance and prescriptions from your Specialists).

I’m writing this post tonight as my “love letter” to my ideal clients.

If you are interested in exploring any of these topics further in a consultation with me, please feel free to send an enquiry or make a booking.