To all the beautiful Mothers out there, today is your day.

I wanted to share a little story about my own mother on this day, as she has been a big support for me to pursue a career in natural health, and has been my inspiration to stay in the game!

Hopefully this story helps to inspire other mothers too.

My mother grew up in a generation of women when it was simply expected that she would get married, and at most, probably become a Nurse or a Secretary as a career path. There wasn’t many other choices. So she never went to University, she didn’t have a qualification, but she read lots of books and magazines, watched as many TV shows as she could get access to, always interested in learning about nutrition and health.

She made veggie smoothies in the early 90s before it was all so trendy~! She started preaching about minimising microwave usage, don’t eat the burnt parts of your toast (“or you’ll get cancer!”) because she saw it on a TV report. And etc, etc, and it all simply started because she had us!

In my early years she probably wasn’t AS aware about health or nutrition as I remember a childhood of MacDonalds and KFC (lol!)… then probably because I wasn’t a very strong-constitution child, I got sick from this! Quite often!!! (Haha~)

So later on and definitely by the time I was in Year 12 (early 2000s), she did stumble upon a Naturopath recommended by other friends, and I was one of those ugly ducklings so mortified by my teenage acne, this was one of the main reasons we originally went to see this practitioner. That very first Naturopath I had experienced then really planted the seeds for me on this whole entire journey.

Looking back, this would never have happened without my Mother.

So thanks Mum. Love you for always caring, never stopping your sense of curiosity and trying to find the best solutions for your family.