Something that doesn’t usually come to mind yet is a very handy herb to keep in your kitchen spice rack! Thyme not only has vitamins and minerals, but also helps to relieve congestion from coughs. In the same aromatic plant family as Mint, Thyme can be safely given to children in tea form or essential oils (with dilution, and check specifically for their age groups).

Traditionally, Thyme has also been used for such ailments as stomach aches and diarrhoea, which is probably why it grew in popularity as a culinary herb, as it has antibacterial properties too, helping to keep meat fresh.

Now that it is cold and flu season, perhaps a nice blend of Thyme, Rosemary, Peppermint and Ginger with a hint of lemon and honey would make a nice hot tea on a rainy day (or during a cold!).

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(Img Source – “A Brief History of Thyme” )