People have often asked me about the spelling of this business name. Zen Childe — with an e!

Well, I wanted something memorable, something that would make you think šŸ˜‰

Zen, by definition is about a peaceful, calm and happy state.

Childe with an ‘e’ is a “youth of noble birth“, used in old English.

My intentions with Zen Childe Family Wellness is to be able to equip parents with easy, practical solutions for their childrenā€™s concerns. Whether they are a fussy eater, have weight management goals (gain or loss), development issues or are seeking optimal nutritional meal plans for thriving at school. Each Children’s Health consultation is personalised to your situation, so that good habits can be established and maintained long-term.

Adding on the ‘Family Wellness’, I’ve opened up consultations for not only children but for Women’s Health and Couples’ Fertility concerns too.

So, that answers the question! A bit of a random fun fact trivia for this evening.