Rosemary is a culinary herb and can be used to season many dishes to not only enhance flavour but add some health benefits as well. Rosemary is high in antioxidants and the essential oils have been studied for their effects in improving memory function, even in children.

Though generally a safe edible herb with very little side effects, Rosemary essential oil is not recommended for infants or toddlers, or anyone with potential for seizures. Culinary use in moderation is adequate as a seasoning, and as a tea blend is safe for school-aged children. Caution if using rosemary when pregnant or lactating.

As a herbal extract it is unlikely for children to be prescribed rosemary tinctures or formulas, as there is not enough evidence for its safety in such a form. Individual use and prescription of the herb would depend on an experienced herbal practitioner and each child’s specific situation. It may be a matter of a certain dosage in the short-term to support very specific concerns only.